About Us

Global Step Academy After School provides after school classes and seasonal programs for children of ages 3 to 12. Students can experience global education after school and during vacations while attending Japanese elementary schools and kindergartens. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate a variety of levels from children who have never been exposed to the English language, to those who are native. By using our comprehensive curriculum, children will learn the 4 basic skills of English (Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading) which will help them acquire skills that will further progress their English. In addition to Language Arts, we offer various subjects and courses. We set specific targets for every lesson and aim to raise the level to achieve the targets by incorporating reviews with homework and tests.
The main services offered by GSA After School are seasonal programs (Spring School, Summer School, Winter School), after school programs at various elementary schools and kindergartens, as well as private lessons/tutoring for specific students.

Global Step Academy Group Philosophy


"To develop and support the unique potential of every student as they discover their passions and direction in an ever changing world."

Mission Statement

"To provide a challenging and holistic international education to children of all nationalities."

Student Values

CURIOUS (好奇心):
"Attain, to the best of each individual's ability, high levels of understanding and competencies across a broad range of subjects."

"Attain the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to be lifelong learners through collaborative interaction with each other."

"Be curious and courageous independent learners, who take active participation in the learning process."

"Be compassionate international citizens of a changing and challenging world.”

Global Step Academy Group

Global Step Academy is an enterprise specialized in international education, built upon the principle to “provide the foundations and opportunities for the next generation to pursue their dreams.”