GSA Fitness

GSA Fitness

Improve your speed, strength, balance, and coordination with our brand new fitness program!
The GSA Fitness program has been developed by experienced instructors with the aim to teach children the importance of physical activity and body awareness.
Students will be challenged with different exercises every week while enjoying team games and fun physical activities.

Speed Vol.1
Period: January 4th – January 6th
Locations: Tachikawa

Speed is the most important component of fitness. Adding speed work into your routine is vital when it comes to physical development. Agility requires balance and proprioception which speed training builds. No matter your favorite sport, speed training can always improve your athletic performance.

In this course, you will be focusing on how to improve these core skills:

Toe Jump Development
Running is a succession of jumping movements and the rate of quickness you jump. Learning to jump faster on your toes will help to speed up your sprints. You will practice your quickness and timing with fun and challenging reaction games!

Arm Swing Development
Increasing speed does not only come from how fast your legs move, but how you distribute your weight throughout your whole body. You will learn why your arms are an integral part of improving your speed by practicing dynamic arm swing movements.

Stride Development
Now that you have learned how to improve your toe jumps and arm swings, it’s all about how to lengthen your stride. Did you know that a core part of increasing your stride depends on how much you raise your knees? The higher you raise your knees to your chest, your stride becomes longer. Put yourself to the test in this lesson as you and your classmates engage in exciting review games.

Pitch Development
The last skill to learn puts everything you and your classmates have learned together by building the flow of all the movements and moving your arms and legs from left to right smoothly. Challenge yourself in the review games, energizing practice tests, and have fun with your classmates!

Yoga Vol.1
Period: December 26th – December 30th
Locations: Moto-Azabu

Yoga is the practice of accessing all aspects of our body, mind, and spirit. When children practice yoga from an early age, it brings a positive impact in numerous ways as well as helping to develop several important health skills. Yoga helps children manage anxiety, improve emotional regulation, boost self-esteem, increase body awareness and mindfulness, enhance concentration and memory, develop discipline, and reduce impulsivity. In this course, your child will learn basic to complex yoga moves with fun games, breathing exercises, and learn how practicing yoga daily will greatly improve both physical and mental health.

In this course, you will be focusing on how to improve these core skills:

Practicing Mindfulness
When children learn how to practice mindfulness, it can help children notice their emotions and develop more neutral thinking by putting a focus on how they feel after inhaling and exhaling at a slow pace. Being mindful allows children to manage their emotions carefully, builds self-control, and improves focus. In this course, you will be practicing mindfulness in playful ways by learning several animal-inspired yoga moves and breathing through your whole body.

Managing Stress and Stay Focused
While yoga is a great full-body exercise to maintain physical health, yoga is also a beneficial practice when it comes to tackling stress relief and calming anxiety for both adults and children. Children are always told to have active minds and be engaged constantly, but their little brains need breaks too! Yoga helps to practice focusing on one thing, which can be their breathing, or holding balance of their bodies, or just having some fun without any judgment. Throughout this course, children will practice fun yoga movements that include full body movements that help reduce stress, as well as growth mindset exercises for children to express themselves through writing prompts, storytelling, self-portrait projects, and more.

Calming Exercises to Boost Self Confidence
Yoga teaches children to accept their bodies and how they can improve flexibility, stamina, and strength. With each yoga pose being broken down step by step and built into a flow, it can be fun, challenging, and accomplishing when children learn and complete an entire yoga flow. Failure is not a concept introduced in yoga; many challenging yoga poses encourage children to focus on improving, a skill that can carry onto other challenging parts of their lives. In this course, children will learn the importance of breathwork by building daily habits of 1-minute breath breaks, breathing exercises when they feel certain struggles, and more.

Express Yourself!
Lastly, children who practice yoga become more comfortable expressing themselves! During the Yoga program, you will get to learn a variety of yoga moves that we call ‘Animal Poses’, work on stretching your face muscles (who said making funny faces isn’t beneficial?), and letting your body move with our dance breaks!


  • Term: January 4th ~ January 6th
  • Age: Grade 1 – Grade 6
  • Lesson Time: 9:00~15:30, 9:00~18:30
  • Location: Global Step Academy International School


  • Term: December 26th ~ December 30th
  • Age: Grade 1 – Grade 6
  • Lesson Time: 9:00~15:30
  • Location: Nishimachi International School