VR Space Missions

VR Space Adventures

Attention all space enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the galaxy? Join us for VR Space Missions, where you and your friends will experience the thrill of space travel and exploration like never before.

Here are just a few things you can expect to do:
・Travel to Mars!
・Learn code that is used by real life astronauts!
・Use VR to explore the Milky Way!

Expand your adventures with the optional “VR Space Missions” kit!
The kit includes VR goggles, an interactive VR Universe book, and all the components for creating out-of-this-world projects, such as Earth-layer clay, erupting volcanoes, a planetarium, and much more!

※The kit is valid for both volumes of the VR Space Missions course.
※You will need a smartphone (iPhone/Android) and the application “VR Universe” in order to use the VR goggles.
※The order deadline for the kit is June 16th.

Moto-Azabu Campus

  • Period: July 24th ~ August 9th
  • Age: Elementary School Grade 1-6
  • Lesson Time: 9:00~15:30
  • Location: Nishimachi International School

Tachikawa Campus

  • Period: July 24th – August 18th
  • Age: Elementary School Grade 1-6
  • Lesson Time: 9:00~15:30・9:00~18:30
  • Location: Global Step Academy International School