Summer School Program (Moto-Azabu)

Global Step Academy is hosting its popular summer school program at Nishimachi International School! Students joining our program will be able to experience a unique curriculum full of exciting new challenges that will give them a chance for personal growth. Our program makes the best use of the know-how and achievements of Global Step Academy International School, coupled with the experience, knowledge, and network of the entertainment company AMUSE, to offer a unique education based on English and sports.

Classes are conducted by experienced teachers to encourage diversity and mindfulness through the interaction of teachers and students of different nationalities and mother tongues.

Program Outline

DateTerm 1: July 22nd (Mon) ~ July 26th (Fri)
Term 2: July 29th (Mon) ~ August 2nd (Fri)
Term 3: August 5th (Mon) ~ August 7th (Wed)
Lesson Time9:00 - 15:30
PlaceNishimachi International School
AgeElementary School (First to Sixth Grade)
Classes1 Class / 18 students
PricesTerm 1-2: ¥66,000 / week (5 days)
Term 3: ¥39,600 / week (3 days)
DiscountStudents who are part of the GSA Community can benefit from a 10% discount:
・Global Step Academy online students (light plan or more).
・GSA After School students.
・Global Step Academy International School, SOLTILO GSA International School, BUDDY GSA International School graduates (only students with a graduation certificate are eligible).

Main Curriculum

Earth Science
In our science course, students will investigate the world around them through hands-on learning activities. STEM experiments will challenge students to think critically, make predictions, and problem-solve while exploring Earth Science-related topics. This course will help students draw connections to their daily lives while collaborating with classmates.

Art Program
In our art course, children will explore a different genre and style each week. They will examine and discuss artwork, take virtual gallery tours, participate in fun interactive games and quizzes, and practice various techniques. Students will finish each term by applying their new knowledge and creating their own custom artwork.


Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Morning Circle (サークルタイム)
Art Program: Post-Impressionism
Art Program: Self-Portraits
Art Program: Weaving
Physical Education/Team Games (体育・ゲーム等)
Lunch Time (ランチ)
STEM Experiments:
Land Formations
STEM Experiments:
Earth Plates and their Movement!
STEM Experiments:
Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones
Homeroom/Literacy (英語・読み書き)
Review/Afternoon Circle (サークルタイム・レビュー)

Application & Inquiries

Term 1 deadline: July 8th 2024
Term 2 deadline: July 15th 2024
Term 3 deadline: July 22nd 2024
※Applications might be closed in advance depending on the number of students.
Global Step Academy International School
Seasonal School Program

TEL: 042-512-8317 / FAX: 042-512-8318
MAIL: [email protected]
이메일: [email protected] / 카카오톡 채널: gsaonline
※This program is solely administered by Global Step Academy International School. Please refrain from contacting Nishimachi International School for information.
Cancellation Policy
No refunds are available after the deadline. No refund is available in case the school is unable to operate due to extreme weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances (such as earthquakes).
※A full refund (-5% commission fees) will be possible only in case the government asks the school to interrupt operations due to the spreading of COVID-19 or the declaration of a state of emergency.


Nishimachi International School
2-14-7 Moto-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo, 106-0046.
※10-minute walk from Tokyo Metro “Azabu Juban” station.
※ 12-minute walk from Tokyo Metro “Hiroo” station.
※This program is solely administered by Global Step Academy International School. Please refrain from contacting Nishimachi International School for information.