Seasonal Programs

GSA Summer School is back with new exciting programs!
Global Step Academy will hold a variety of summer school programs at three locations. New subjects such as STEAM and virtual space camp have also been added to our curriculum. Get ready for a jam-packed fun summer with us!

Global Step Academy is hosting seasonal camps focused on providing both fun recreational activities and global learning opportunities to students of all ages and English levels. Our seasonal programs are also a precious chance for local school students to experience the curriculum of a real international school and meet children of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Our Goals:
1. Provide a 100% English environment.
2. Support inquiry-based, child-centered learning.3. Promote diversity and inclusion.

Seasonal programs can be booked on a week-by-week basis, and are hosted during the main Japanese holiday seasons. 


Our seasonal programs are tailored for parents and students who want to…

  1. Experience international education on a regular basis while attending Japanese local schools: many families regularly choose our seasonal programs as a way to experience an international school curriculum during summer, winter, and spring vacations. Many students from our unique after school program are also participating.
  2. Experience diversity and mindfulness in the classroom: international schools provide many child-centered activities that encourage diversity and mindfulness through the interactions of teachers and students of different nationalities and mother tongues.

Seasonal Programs


Date: July 22nd ~ August 7thAge: elementary school
Place: Nishimachi International School


Date: July 29th ~ August 30thAge: elementary school, kindergarten
Place: GSAIS Tachikawa Campus

Setagaya Fukasawa

Date: July 22nd ~ August 30thAge: elementary school, kindergarten
Place: GSAIS Setagaya Fukasawa Campus


Date: July 22nd ~ August 9thAge: elementary school, kindergarten
Place: BGIS Fukuoka Chikushino Campus