Global Step Academy After School Programs

Global Step Academy offers a variety of after school activities tailored for both kindergarten and elementary school students who want to experience our unique curriculum in a 100% English-speaking environment. In this world always transforming through globalization and diversification, we feel there is the need for our children, who will be carrying the weight of the new era on their shoulders, to hold the power to break through the future with their own strength. This is why the concept of our after school program is to make the best use of the experience, knowledge, and network of Global Step Academy.

After School

Find out more about our unique after school program for elementary school students.

Seasonal Programs

Global Step Academy is hosting seasonal camps during spring, summer, and winter vacations!

Kindergarten After School

Students from preschools and kindergartens are welcome to join our daily after school program and experience our child-centered international school curriculum.

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Tachikawa Campus

Find out more about Global Step Academy’s first international preschool and kindergarten.

Setagaya Fukasawa Campus

Find out more about Global Step Academy’s new international school in Setagaya, Tokyo.

Bunkyo Motomachi Campus

SOLTILO GSA International School will open its new campus in April 2025!

Fukuoka Chikushino Campus

Find out more about BGIS, an innovative kindergarten with an extra focus on sports.

Moto-Azabu Campus

Seasonal programs are available at Nishimachi International School.