Winter School Program (Tachikawa / Elementary School)

Global Step Academy International School (GSAIS) is hosting holiday camps where children can experience the lessons and activities of an international school in a global environment. This year, we are introducing many brand-new subjects!

Students joining the Elementary Course will be able to experience the unique curriculum of GSA After School, which is full of new exciting challenges that are going to be a chance for personal growth. Our program makes the best use of the know-how and achievements of Global Step Academy International School coupled with the experience, knowledge, and network of the entertainment company AMUSE to offer a unique education based on English and sports.

Classes are conducted by experienced native English speakers to encourage diversity and mindfulness through the interactions of teachers and students of different nationalities and mother tongues.

Elementary School Program

DateDecember 25th (Mon) ~ December 29th (Fri)
Lesson TimeRegular Course: 9:00 - 15:30
Full Course: 9:00 - 18:00
PlaceGlobal Step Academy International School Tachikawa (Main Campus)
AgeElementary School (Grade 1 to Grade 6)
For the kindergarten program, click here.
Classes2 Classes / 18 students per class
※Only one class might be held depending on the number of applicants.
PricesRegular Course: ¥55,000 / week (5 days)
Full Course: ¥68,200 / week (5 days)
DiscountStudents who are part of the GSA Community can benefit from a 10% discount:
・Global Step Academy online students (light plan or more).
・GSA After School Tachikawa students.
・GSAIS Tachikawa、SGIS Makuhari Bay Park、SUPER GLOBAL PRESCHOOL graduates (only students with a graduation certificate are eligible).
Optional ServicesLunch: ¥3,850 (5 days)

Main Curriculum

Origami Science
In this course, students combine the hands-on fun of origami with the wonder of learning about the arctic ecosystem. While making their own origami models, students will learn about how different animals survive in the harsh conditions of the arctic! Students will also explore how animals are connected to each other through food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids.

Art Program
Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, let the Christmas spirit ring! Join in the holiday fun in this festive camp where you will get your own Christmas tree! Throughout the camp, we will be learning about everything Christmas and create wonderful ornaments to decorate your tree and your house! But what is Christmas without presents under the tree?


Term 1
Morning Circle (サークルタイム)
9:30 - 10:30
Art Program: Christmas Art
10:30 - 10:45
Snack Time (おやつ)
10:45 - 12:00
Physical Education/Team Games (スポーツ・体育)
Lunch Time (ランチ)
Origami Science Arctic Ecosystem
Literacy (英語読み書き等)
Review/Afternoon Circle (サークルタイム・レビュー)
15:30 - 15:40
Half-course Pick-up (ハーフコースお迎え)
15:30 - 16:00
Study Hall/Snacks (自由時間・おやつ)
Physical Education/Team Games (スポーツ・体育)
English Conversation/Reading/Writing (英会話・読み書き)
Review (レビュー・お迎え)

Application & Inquiries

Application deadline:
Term 1: July 14th (Fri) 14:00
Term 2: July 21st (Fri) 14:00
Term 3-4: July 31st (Mon) 14:00
※Applications might be closed in advance depending on the number of students.
6-14-26, Shibasaki-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo, 190-0023.
Global Step Academy International School
TEL: 042-512-8317 / FAX: 042-512-8318
MAIL: [email protected]
Cancellation Policy
50% is refunded in case a cancellation notice is received up to a week before the starting date. No refund is available in case the school is unable to operate due to extreme weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances (such as earthquakes).
※A full refund (-5% commission fees) will be possible only in case the government asks the school to interrupt operations due to the spreading of COVID-19 or the declaration of a state of emergency.


Global Step Academy International School
6-14-26 Shibasaki-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo, 190-0023
※TEL: 042-512-8317 / FAX: 042-512-8318
※10 minute walk from JR Tachikawa station
※1 minute walk from Tama Monorail Line Shibasaki-Taiikukan Station